Bundle 1 – Content Creator Beginners 101 (Creator Toolkit + Creator Scorecard + Sketch your Audience)

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Kickstart your content journey!

If you’re someone who’s just decided to ride the content wave, this bundle will be the rocket that takes you ahead of the herd!

This bundle is designed to introduce you to the world of content creation so it’s perfect for those who have just started or aspire to become bloggers, influencers, and social media content creators across various niches!

CCB101 is the ultimate bundle that includes 3 tools to help you get started the right way!

1️⃣ AMplify Your Page→ is a step-by-step scorecard that will give you insights and tips to strategically make sure you’re doing the right things to transform your Instagram page into a powerful brand.

  • First Impression: Tips to make a powerful impact and turn a scroller into a follower with your first impression.
  • Stories: Discover the secrets to stories and learn to how to use engagement stickers.
  • Highlights: Understand how to use highlights effectively on your feed.
  • Overall Profile: Do you have a profile that everyone wants to follow? Master the art of maintaining an engaging profile.
  • Total Score: Evaluate your Instagram page with our scoring system and in the end your total score will help you define whether you’re a noob or a trend-setter!

2️⃣Content Kickstarter→ is the ultimate toolkit designed to help you with practical tips, tools, and resources to not just make sure you have the right means to create content but also elevate it to another level!

  • CTA Kit: Sample Calls-To-Action (CTA) statements to include in your content that encourage people to engage with it.
  • Story Kit: Example ideas to fully utilise the engagement stickers in your stories.
  • Shooting Kit: Recommendations for essential equipment to shoot the high-quality videos with just your phone from phone mics and tripods to lighting tools.
  • Software Kit: Curated list of must-have apps and and AI tools that can simplify your content creation process.
  • Must-Follow Accounts: Recommended Instagram accounts you should follow for their valuable tips on picture and video making, story ideas, transitions, and more.

3️⃣Sketch Your Audience→ is an effective worksheet that helps you define and decode your audience. Use this to understand your ideal target user on a deeper level and create content that they will LOVE!

Even though CCB101 is a beginner’s bundle, it is an invaluable resource for anyone looking to leverage the power of Instagram, whether you’re a newbie or a seasoned pro. So get yours today and start your journey to becoming an Instagram trend-setter!