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Position: Short-Form Content Editor 📹
I'm seeking a skilled video editor to join team TravelAMore and bring my travel stories to life! Please run through the entire form before starting to fill it up to avoid any re-work 🙂

Key Skills and Qualifications: 

1. Proficiency in video editing software(s)-
(a) Adobe Premiere Pro/ Final Cut Pro
(b) After Effects
(c) Music Design
(d) Knowledge of Geo layers is a bonus
2. Strong understanding of narrative structure for compelling storytelling with a focus on shortform content
3. Experience in editing short-form content in a fast-paced, dynamic style
4. Attention to detail and ability to maintain a consistent brand aesthetic
5. Turn around time expected : 24 hours (first draft)


Editing 15-17 short form videos per month.

Personal Details

Professional Experience

Software Proficiency

Experience in Short-Form Content:

Provide links to 3-6 short-form content pieces you've edited below (Instagram, TikTok, Drive Links etc.)

Sample Editing Task 

To evaluate your editing skills and style, we'd like you to edit a short video based on a provided script and relevant b-rolls.

1. Download the Video Script and B-Rolls: [Click here to download]

2. Follow Instructions given in the doc

3. Once completed, upload the edited video to a platform of your choice (e.g., Onedrive, Wetransfer, Google Drive) and ensure the link is shareable.

4. Provide the link to your edited video below:

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