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Flight Hacks  ✈️

Expensive flight tickets are usually the biggest nightmares hindering your dreams to travel, but after a few years of travelling, I have some really helpful hacks for you that might provide you with a bang for the buck. Here are some tips to help you save money on flights:

1. Book Through Skyscanner/Google Flights:

You can get cheaper flight ticket options if you book from Skyscanner. This flight comparison tool aggregates prices from various airlines and travel agencies to help you find the best deals. For the best results, use incognito mode on your browser to prevent websites from tracking your search history and potentially raising prices on repeated searches.

2. Consider Alternative Destinations:

If the flights are too expensive, try to book to an alternative low-key destination nearby. For example, if you are going to Dubai, a flight from Delhi to Sharjah instead of Dubai can sometimes save you up to INR 3,000 or even more for other destinations. From there, you can take a short taxi or bus ride to your final destination, which can be much more economical.

3. Loyalty Programs:

I save almost 10-20% every time I book a flight or hotel by simply signing up for the free loyalty programs, so every time I book my flights even if its on a third-party website, I make sure to enter my loyalty number which helps me get discounts and even free flights!

4. Start flying Carry-On:

Budget flights like RyanAir, Vietjet, Pegasus and even Air India Express offer flights for as cheap as INR 3,000-5,000, if you decide to ditch your heavy check-in suitcase and only fly with in-flight carry on luggage.

5. Monitor Airline Offers:

Keep a tab on airline offers by regularly checking their websites and following their social media. Airlines frequently run promotions, flash sales, and special discounts that are advertised on their platforms. By staying updated, you can take advantage of these offers as soon as they become available.

6. Category-Wise Discounts:

Take Advantage of Category-Wise Discounts: Now, here’s a really cool trick – make sure you check if you qualify for any category-specific discounts. If you’re a student, many airlines have special student fares that can save you a lot of money.

You just need to provide proof of enrollment, like a student ID or university email. Likewise, if you’re a senior citizen or in the military, there are often discounted rates available for you too. Even families or groups traveling together can sometimes get special deals. Always worth asking!

7. Credit Card Points:

A good travel credit card helps you collect points and airline miles every time you make a purchase with that credit card which you can use on your future travels. You can get a free ticket, business class upgrades, offers on hotels and so much more!

By following these hacks, you can save a considerable amount on flight tickets and make your travel dreams a reality without breaking the bank. Happy travels!

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Travel Hacking – 8 Tips that will refine your travel experience!

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Travel Hacking – 8 Tips that will refine your travel experience!

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Travel Hacking – 8 Tips that will refine your travel experience!

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