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Why I love Philippines and you will too 

Have you ever been to a place that feels like a warm hug from the moment you arrive? For me, that place is Philippines. Even after travelling to over 30 countries around the world, I’ve come to a realization that It still holds a special place in my heart and I owe it all to the kindness and warmth of the Filipino’s. I’m head over heels for this country and here’s why:

Table of contents:

  1. Nature’s masterpieces
  2. Smiles everywhere
  3. Backpacker’s dream
  4. Life’s biggest lessons

1. Nature’s Masterpieces:

This country’s natural beauty knows no bounds and it’s honestly unlike anywhere else in the world. It’s a haven for nature lovers, the untouched beaches, vibrant waterfalls, coral reefs and the turquoise lagoons are all waiting to be explored. I’ve dreamt of visiting the waterfalls in Philippines since I was 15 – and let me tell you, it was totally worth the wait.

One of the highlights of my trip was visiting the Aguinid waterfall in Cebu and it exceeded all my expectations. I am big on chasing waterfalls and have seen several all around the world, but the ones here are MIND-BLOWING!!! What made it even more special was it’s offbeat location – it felt like I had discovered my own private paradise.

The Philippines is also a paradise for snorkeling enthusiasts, with countless tours available to explore its vibrant underwater world. Moalboal is the perfect place for swimming, diving and snorkeling. Swimming with schools of sardines and discovering the underwater wonders is an experience I’ll never forget.

The beaches are untouched and the best way to experience it’s beauty is by taking a boat tour. I took one from Coron to EL Nido and it was Hands down the COOLEST experience ever. It was expensive ($500) but 4 days with 12 strangers on a boat – WHAT A CRAZY ADVENTURE IT WAS! However, if you don’t plan on taking the boat trip then you can spend a day or two in Coron which is best for going on sunset hikes, Island hopping and living the Island-core life.

Another hidden gem tucked away in EL Nido, Philippines are the twin lagoons. EL Nino is the perfect place to go snorkeling with turtles, witness hidden sand bars and see world class beaches. The CRAZY colours, vast skies and clear waters – It’s a true marvel of nature and something you’ll never forget.

Also how can we forget about the incredible Puerto princessa island – it’s one of the seven natural wonders of the world and also a UNESCO world heritage site. The rocks over the crystal clear waters made the geography nerd in me go crazy.

2. Say Cheese!

As you journey through the Philippines, you’ll quickly discover that its greatest treasure lies in its people. Warm, welcoming, and always ready with a smile, Filipinos are some of the friendliest people you’ll ever meet. Everywhere you go – Be it a bustling city or a remote village, you will be greeted with warm smiling faces and infectious energy.

It didn’t matter if it was raining cats and dogs or scorching hot – the people of the Philippines were always happy, and their positivity was contagious. This was the Philippines I’d never expected – the most helpful people, the most innocent children, and the best dancers with the widest smiles.

Philippines, for me, is a testament to what travelling truly means. I’ve visited many countries around the world, each offering its own natural scenery, iconic landmarks, and rich cultural experiences. But what sets the Philippines apart and keeps it close to my heart are the connections I made there.

Philippines reminds me of the beauty of human connection and the shared moments that make us feel alive. Whether it’s a heartfelt conversation with a local vendor or a little encounter at a bus stop, these interactions are what make me feel truly alive. It reminds me that we humans are inherently just so simple, All we need to feel alive is beautiful interactions, meaningful connections and a slice of nature and Philippines has it all to offer!

And let’s not forget about the language barrier – or lack thereof. With English being widely spoken amongst most locals, communication is a just so simple. So don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation with a stranger or ask for directions – chances are, you’ll make a new friend!

And that’s why, despite traveling far and wide, the Philippines remains a special place for me – Even the brief connections I made there were so wholesome and bought me so much of joy for days and months to come.

3. Backpacker’s Dream!

One of the best-kept secrets about the Philippines? It’s incredibly affordable. You can stay at incredibly beautiful accommodations at a very affordable rate. You can stay at amazing hostels at $8.5 per day and in luxurious hotels at $17.

Even the meals, transportation and experiences are quite affordable. It’s very easy to find Vegetarian food options here and it’s crazy affordable! One big plate of food costs just $1 at a food stall and the same at a restaurant would cost you $6. Jeepneys costs between $0.2 to 0.5 and you can rent a scooter for an entire day for just $6. Activities like Island hopping, diving and chasing waterfalls are quite affordable too. It starts from $1.2 and can go upto $50.

It’s no wonder why many digital nomads and budget travellers are beginning to flock here, which also means that this country is very solo traveller friendly. You’ll meets lots of fellow solo travellers here and you can easily make new friends!

The BEST part? Philippines is visa free for those holding US or Canadian tourist visas. Plus, savvy travelers can save by taking the advantage of budget-friendly flight routes, like I booked a flight from India to Singapore and then to Philippines. It was way cheaper than a direct flight and saved me tons of money.

Philippines is a underrated hidden gem, especially for Indian travelers. While places like Vietnam and Thailand often steal the spotlight, the Philippines quietly offers everything they do, and at a fraction of the cost. So, dear Indian travelers, make sure the Philippines is on your radar. It’s a must-visit destination that’s just waiting to be explored.

4. Life’s biggest lessons: 

As a self-help and wellness enthusiast, I’ve always sought out lessons in every experience, especially when it comes to travelling. I believe that, travelling is the best teacher you’ll ever encounter and the world is the most extraordinary classroom you’ll ever enter.

Philippines taught me more than any other country I’ve been to. It taught me that – No matter the circumstances, there’s always a reason to smile. Their genuine happiness comes from feeling grateful for the little things in life. I’ll never forget the words of one of my boat guides, who shared that no matter how challenging life may seem, there’s always a reason to smile if we look hard enough.

Who knew this stranger on a boat in the middle of an island in Philippines would share something that would become my mantra in difficult times?

The people of the Philippines have taught me that by acknowledging and appreciating the blessings in our lives, we can find contentment and joy in even the simplest of moments. One of the most unexpected yet valuable lessons I learned in the Philippines is that happiness lies in simplicity.

Amidst the hustle and bustle of life, it’s easy to get caught up in the never ending pursuit of material possessions. But the people I met in the Philippines showed me that true happiness comes from within, from being grateful for the present moment and finding joy in the little things. These lessons, imparted by the warm and hospitable people of the Philippines, have left a huge impact on me and whenever I’m having a hard day – I try to remind myself these lessons.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for Reading this blog. Can’t wait to continue sharing stories and learnings with you in the future. Until then, take care and happy travelling!

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